Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arts Notebook - March 19th, 2011

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Marites Carino, director of the film 'Hoop' at FIFA.

Alex Gravenstein, the actor who portrays the role of Kastril in "The Alchemist" a comedy play by Ben Jonson, presented by The McGill University Department of English Drama & Theatre program at Moyse Hall Theatre.

John Van Burek, director of "La Sagouine" a play by Antonine Maillet, starring Viola L├ęger, at the Segal Center.

Izak Benrobi and Jonathan Orr are the actors portraying Marty and Spencer in Village Scene Production's MAN BOOBS, a comedy play by Julian Christopher, at the Rialto Theatre.

All this and more coming up on this weekend's "celebration of Montreal Potholes" edition of Arts Notebook.

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